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Event:  Pre-Camp Cook-Ahead Sessions
Date:  Sat, June 03, 2017 - Sat, June 24, 2017
Place:  Round Lake Bible Camp
Contact:  Jennifer Theriault
Details:  There are lots of hungry bodies to feed during the seven weeks of summer camp! We'd like to get a headstart on the cooking and baking before the campers arrive.  Bring your cooking skills and energy on June 2-3, June 10, and June 24 to help us fill the freezers and make life a little easier for those wonderful summer cooks.

June 2 - 3     Cleaning Kitchen * Cook and bake for work weekend volunteers * Start summer prep
June 10        Batch Baking and Cooking * Cleaning kitchen after work week
June 24        Sorting and Stocking shelfs for summer camps * finish batch cooking and baking

Please let us know in advance which day(s) you are planning to help  - we will let you know times and details
Phone:  807 767-6604