Photo Gallery

summer camp 2014 (43 Photos)

Junior Girls who reached the top!
on a hike
boys at the top of the mountain
serious bucket ball!
dressing up for supper
canoeing class
what is there to say about this?
picnic on the lawn
enjoying the great outdoors
the ropes course challenge
speed stacking
archery expert in training
box hockey
teen girls doing crafts
one of the craft projects
tubing on Round Lake
showing off her new purse (craft project)
Hey--why is the world upside down?
taking the water hike on a hot day
ready for supper
Intermediate Girls' campfire
busy with crafts
we conquered the mountain!
on the pontoon boat
amazing reflection
Mrs. B. teaching in chapel
swim time
campfire at sunset
kayaking up the river
campfire with the cabins in the background
couldn't you cooks find anything colourful to wear?
survivors of the Teen Boys' canoe trip
kayaking in the mist
from the top of the mountain
water action during boys' camps
the junior boys posing on our hike